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When my Zeno came to me, we were both so young. He was just 8 weeks old, and I was just 21 years old. In our 16 years together we learned about love, and loss. We lived in different places, I worked different jobs, got a degree, worked some other jobs, got another degree, and even more jobs! He was my comfort through injuries and illnesses. We laughed, we played, we got scared, and then we laughed some more. We saw friends come and go, but we always had each other. Always he was there, at the end of every day, happy just to be with me. We grew up together, and it's hard to imagine life without him. I miss you, sweet Zeno, and I will love you forever.   ~~Heather


Jo & Belle

I also want to thank you for all the special things you do during such a difficult time--from the music, the candle, Belle's paw print, but especially not rushing me through such  a sad event & giving me the time I needed to say good-bye.

Thank you so much,



Buster was a Laso Apso Poodle Mix that joined our family of 5 on August 20, 2000.  He was a feisty puppy with a mind of his own.  He loved to run and run and on some occasions away from us!  He was a wonderful addition to our family and 2 years later a poodle named Bandit joined our family as well.  The two of them were buddies until end. I think Bandit was sad to see him go.

I miss Buster very much and hope he is chasing all the birds and bunnies in a beautiful place called heaven.  I am sure he is sitting on my 

Mother-In-Laws lap as she left us 4 years ago 

and was fond of Buster.

He lived a full life of love, camping, adventures and being a wonderful companion to our 3 children.  Until we meet again hugs and kisses


 We love you Chevee!


Our sweet Ellie bellie, You were a wonderful loving friend from the day we picked you up 11.5 years ago.

 The most caring and gentle girl always. You loved car rides and camping and just playing with your sister Saddie. 

 We miss you so, but know you are now in a better place with your other sisters and all your doggie cousins, running and playing and letting out your famous wooowooowooo. 

 Fly high sweet girl!!

Seven Up

My best friend, my lucky charm, my safety guard! Love you with all my heart and will forever miss you! Thank you for a wonderful 11 years together! 


Kenai, you brought us many years of joy and happiness. You were loved by all the people who met you. You will forever be our Kenai Wi Fi!! Travis and Seth 

Jenny G


In the spring of 2013, our dog Jaxon died just before my birthday. When my husband asked what I wanted for my birthday, I told him I couldn't think of anything, to just not get me a gift and maybe I'd find something I wanted later. A few days later, I went to Roice Hurst to donate the leftover dog food and they asked if I'd like to see the dogs they had up for adoption. While I didn't think I was ready to adopt just yet, I thought perhaps it would be a good way to help me get ready for a future time.
Half way down the first row of kennels, there was Dexter. All the other dogs were putting up quite a racket, but he barked politely a couple of times and looked at me with those big sad eyes. Then I read his history. He'd been with one family his entire 6 years of life, but when they added a new baby to their family and it appeared the baby was allergic, Dexter had to go. I asked to read his file, and found out he'd been there 4 days; he'd been relinquished on my birthday. Sometimes the universe sees fit to give us a gift we didn't even know we wanted.
I called my husband and told him we'd need to go to the shelter when he got off work. Needless to say, Dexter came home with us that afternoon, and we loved him for 3 1/2 years. He was a quirky little guy, and not terribly playful, until someone brought out the laser light. Then it was like he'd found his passion in life; to save the world from that red dot.
He hated going to the vet's office, and would quiver with fear the whole time. Thanks to Dr. Denice, his last moments were not fearful, but peaceful. He will be missed.
Janet Popish

Sampson entered our lives in July 2003. We immediately fell in love with him. It was as though he understood our every word. We named his toys and had to spell: R.I.D.E and W.A.L.K, among others. He was modest through his times as a celebrity and known for travels to Ontario, Canada. He loved swimming, hiking and chasing birds! Doggie Day Care was a favorite, especially at Grandma's. You touched so many hearts Sampson. We thank you for your love, loyalty and companionship. Until we meet again. With special thanks to Denice and Josh for helping to make the transition a little easier to bear. 

We love you Sampson,

Mom, Dad and Jackson


Monster came into our family in April of 2001. From the beginning he was a charming little guy – affable, clumsy, and mellow. He spent his days showing off his fluffy tum, sleeping on our chests, getting groomed, enjoying the simple things in life (like his family does) and growing up alongside four kids. For fifteen years, he was a constant comfort in times of struggle and a buddy in times of happiness. His life ended peacefully on November 3, 2016, and while we'll miss him like crazy, we're grateful we had such a wonderful little friend for so long. Goodbye, Monster.   


Our beloved “Sophie” we had for 7 years, she was a great dog.

LUCKY     Just wanted to say thank you again for all you do.

Karen and I appreciate your help and dedication in easing the pain of Lucky's transition when his time came. Also in arranging everything after he passed, which was a difficult time after losing a part of our family.
Lucky was a great pet and heartfelt loss when he had to leave us.
Richard and Karen Erickson

Thank you Deja for being my best buddy

for 16+ years. You are so loved.

This is Maci, our precious boxer:  March 2006- Sept. 9, 2016. 

Maci was the most loyal dog to our family.  She was by our side when both our children were brought home from the hospital and looked after each of them as if they were her own.  If anyone of us were sick, she would lay right next to the bed.  She loved to play tug-of-war, go on walks, get belly rubs, and loved to sit on your lap.  We miss her so much, but are grateful for the joy she brought to our lives.  She's no longer in pain, and for that we are relieved.

Click on the link below to enjoy a song and a very best friend of the Clow Family, DOZER.

Check out the Flipagram I made at https://flipagram.com/f/v1ZsWdIz6d

Thank you all so much.

The Clow Family 

12-5-01, 8-26-16
One of my best dogs as a hunter, a companion and a big part of my life for the last 14 years, 8 months. Zoom dog in her doggie years left us at 105. She had a great life, I also called her "Ittybittie". As a pup, she was always the first to run up to greet me. Zoomer, time and time again would show her loyalty through her big heart. She was a brave dog, the kind that would chomp without warning if she did not know you. Her growl would get attention to her protective nature. Yet, Zoomer had a essence of peace about her that is rare within many dogs I have known.
Zoom dog was a great friend. Always happy to see you, always willing to please. Zoomer helped us and our guest who shared our home with her big loving heart. Zoomer, loved her attention.
Zoom dog was very talented, she knew how to start the car and go joy riding. This was something we found out about a few times as the kid grew up. Zoomer wasn't very good at parking, but I know she tried.
This special dog, my companion would go hunting for grouse, chucker's, pheasants, dove, quail, and she loved her ducks. A few times she bit me on the leg if I missed my shot. I then realized, she just might be a better shot than me if given the chance. Zoomer has had expeditions from the high rockies to the low river valleys and she loved every adventure. Zoom was a well traveled dog. I miss her already.
Zoom dogs life was a good life for a dog. She lived and ate better than most people. She was loved. Zoomer, took her last swim 2 weeks back, as if she knew her body was failing. Zoomer left us in peace. Her body said I am done, her mind said she wanted more, her heart told me not yet. We made a choice for her as we knew that was her best option.

She had many names and each name had a different meaning for her as how she was taught to respond.

Zoom Zoom
Zoom A Dog
Zoom Girl

Zoomer was her name, Ittybittie she liked.

We miss you Zoom !

Thank you for the wonderful service you provided for our very special Cleo. It helped to know she was in good hands during this difficult time.
❤️Knoll Family

 Smoki                    Thank you Smoki for the opportunity to witness in and through you the awe and beauty of God's creation. Your presence in our lives these past 7 years has truly been a gift for us. We will always cherish the many unique ways you showed your gratitude and affection for us, and the many moments of joy you brought us through your gentleness, your patience, and your ever present companionship. We will miss you forever, but your memory will always remain with us as in both your life and your death, we have learned to better appreciate the joys and sorrows of this life we all share. May you play in the cool green grass of God's creation in some other place where hopefully you can continue to enjoy your life as much there as you did here with us.  

 K2     --    2004 - 2016        K2 gave me 12 years of love and laughs. Two of his favorite things to do was graze in the compost bowl on the kitchen counter for leafy celery to eat and sleep on my flip flops in the sun. 

Our beloved Wilson who gave us happiness, joy and most of all love.  We miss you baby boy.
Thank you Denice from the bottom of our hearts.
Guy and Linda Bocell 


Symone was born on August 20th, 2004 on Orchard Mesa.  We picked her out around five weeks and she came to live with us in Palisade three weeks later.  She loved being with us, her "human pack".  We began a journey that lasted 11.5 years.  In that time,  Symone traveled the country and went on many weekend trips.  She was very smart and had an excellent vocabulary.  She loved to fetch and go on long walks, and run along the river.  As she grew older the walks got shorter and she preferred the small park near our home and her own yard.  She gave us the gift of so much laughter and companionship.  Her favorite meal was chicken.  She was loved from the day she arrived to the moment when she passed.  She got very ill a month before her 12th birthday and passed on July 17th, 2016 with the help of River Valley Gateway, to whom we are so grateful to.  Symone lives on in our hearts, and we miss her so much.

Our Chapps AKA The Big Man, 

March 4, 2004 to July 12, 2016
You are the best friend anyone could have ever asked for. Thank you for always meeting us at the door after a long day. Thank you for all the smiles, laughs, and happiness you brought to us. You gave mom and I such a great life the 12 short years you were here. Even though you are no longer here physically we will always know that you are with us in our hearts. Now you can go be with dad and do all the things that you guys never got to do like hunting, fishing, and playing ball. We love you Chapps and miss you so much. Take care of dad now. Rest in puppy paradise. You will never be forgotten.




We want to thank you for all you have done to make our pet babies transition over the Rainbow Bridge. Thanks to you our fur babies were able to cross the bridge unstressed and feeling nothing but love.

Mandy our beautiful lab  was born January 2003 and passed on Aug 29, 2013. She was the first fur baby my husband and I got together as a couple. She was the very first birthday present my hubby got me. She was a wonderful animal, very loving and such a cuddler.
Bear our blue heeler was born in October 2003 and passed on July 7, 2016. She was our 2nd fur baby we got together. Bear was the first Christmas present I gave my husband, She was an awesome protector of our family. She started out as my husband's dog, but by the end she was our kid's dog...
Both of our girls are so missed and going to be missed forever 
Live, Laugh, Love
Melanie Scott

We thank you again for how beautiful and supportive you were in the process. Putting him down was such a hard decision but with your service to him and us, we are blessed. He is gone from our lives for now, but never gone from our hearts. 

Thank you❤️
The Anderson's 


                   BRIELLE  Jan. 1, 2009 to June 27, 2016

Our beloved, sweet Nigerian Dwarf Goat who had so much personality!! 

We miss you and love you so much.  Julianne and Steve


17 years of wonderful adventures. rest in peace to the best dang dog in the west!


Our Kannah was the sweetest soul and brought 12 years of love and joy into our lives.  She is missed every day and forever in our thoughts.  When her health started failing we were heartbroken.  Being blind and deaf, she just couldn't handle all the smells at our veterinary clinic.  I can't express enough how thankful I am for Denice and the peace that was brought to Kannah's passing. 

Nat and Pam Waterman

Grand Junction, CO

~~Saving one dog will not change the world, but, surely for that one dog the world will change forever.  -Author Unknown


It was a sad day at the Nelson house today

as we said goodbye to our beloved Golden Retriever, Lucy.  Eleven years ago when my husband and I  brought her home, she was a comfort to me as I recovered from major surgery.  As the years went by and we struggled with infertility, she filled my empty arms.  She was our firstborn, an only child for four years, and we worried how she would be with children after being so spoiled.  Of course, she was a wonderful big sister.  She loved her boys and they loved her.  But, at the end of the day she was always mama's girl, my constant companion, my shadow.  Though we are happy that she is no longer in pain, our hearts are heavy.  We will miss our girl so much.

We are so very grateful for the service that Denise and her assistant, Jammie gave us.  They brought us peace and kindness in a difficult time.  

Our Maddie


It can't be 10 years!

I remember the day

My brother Bob called us

With news of a stray

Who looked just like Poco

(who'd just breathed his last).

So we packed up the truck

And head out fast

To Trinidad, Colorado,

Where we'd meet this lost pup.

It didn't take long 

To size Maddie up.

Yes, she came with her name

Already in place

A glossy tri-color coat

And a beautiful face.

That she was a keeper

It was clear from the start.

With a wag of her tail

She strayed straight into our hearts!

​Our Sweet Marina


Our sweet Peaches,

You came into our lives at a downtown Grand Junction farmer's market in 2006.

Just the day before we'd said that we were ready for another baby Cocker Spaniel after having lost Maggie 6 months earlier.

Such a tiny little ball of black fur you were but you very quickly assumed the position of Queen Bee in our household.

You loved going to Lake Powell with us and you were so happy when we got out your lifejacket and you were able to swim!

Summer at the lake wasn't your only favorite season though, you loved snowmobiling at the cabin on Grand Mesa.

How many times did you jump on some complete strangers snowmobile seat and look at them like you were ready for a ride!?!

After 4 years of the mystery illness that had you taking too many meds and having to go to too many vet appointments, it slowly sucked the life out of you and we believed that your desire was to move on to the next adventure of your journey on this planet.

We were so fortunate to find Dr. Denice and have her come out to our house to send you on your way in the most peaceful, humane way possible.  We'll spread your ashes at the lake and up at the cabin so you'll be forever able to roam where you loved to play.

We love you very much and are so blessed to have had you in our lives for 10+ years.

We will miss you our little 'WiggleButt'.


On February 2nd, 2005 I had the honor of watching Ares Marie McKim come into this world. It would be 24 hours before I picked him and a couple of weeks before I chose his name (after the Greek God of War, who was a coward) I chose this name to depict what I knew my Ares would be. A dog that represents fear, hate, anger and war but I knew his soul would not match the perceived exterior. 

Ares was a gentle puppy who showed unconditional love to all who knew him. He changed the thinking of many people including my grandma who was convinced he would maul My son when we first brought him home, and yet in her last days he was always at her side (she assisted in a 10# weight gain by feeding him her food) 

We knew we wouldn't have Ares forever but it makes it no easier. He has left a void in our lives. There will be other dogs down the road but none will be Ares. 

Sunday April 10th, 2016 we sent him over the rainbow bridge with his family at his side. Without River Valley Gateway and Dr Denice we wouldn't have had this incredible last month with Ares


Precious Renee'


My guy Friday,

Adopting you was one of the best things I've ever done. Your sweet face & thumping tail were always there to greet us &your goofy playful ways lit up our lives. 

While I feel your time was far shorter than we wanted I'm thankful we had the 9 years we did.

I can only hope we made your life as good as you made ours. 

We love you and miss you so very much! 

Rest easy sweet boy, 

Mama & daddy, Terrell, Skylar , Shannon & your best buddy & partner in crime, Biscuit. 

A huge thank you for the love & care you showed for Friday and us. You helped in so many ways & I'm grateful to have you take care of our boy like he was your own.

Kim Kirby & family

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the care given to our family member Bear! He was the best dog anyone could ever ask for and had many great adventures in his life time. Bear you will forever be missed until we meet again RIP ♡


 Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the        love, care and respect given to Payden and our  family during his passing over the Rainbow Bridge. At our families worst time of our lives, the most gentle and compassionate woman, Dr. Denice, came

in with a peace and calm about her that made it a 

little more bearable. We just wanted to say thank you again and we hope you enjoy our Payden pictures as much as we do.


            Chris and Brook and boys


April 2007 - December 2015

You came into our lives when you were a little, fluffy ball of fur, at 9 weeks old.  Within a few months of having you, we noticed you weren't walking normally or doing the normal things that puppies do.  When you were 9 months old, you were diagnosed with severe hip, elbow and knee abnormalities.  An orthopedic veterinarian, in Denver, told us you probably wouldn't make your 5th birthday.  However, with wonderful veterinary care, pain management, lots of love and attention, and with your strength and will to live, love and be happy, you were with us for over 8 fabulous years.  
You brought us more joy, smiles and happiness than you will ever know.  We loved you with all our hearts, and you eagerly gave that love back to us tenfold.  
You are now free, sweet Hudson, from all your struggles - that you handled with such strength and grace over your lifetime.  You can finally run and jump and play.  You can finally chase the squirrels and the butterflies.  And while you are running and jumping in the meadows, we will be thinking of you and missing you dearly, all the rest of our days. 
Momma and Papa Daddy
(Danna & Preston) 

Now, in the meadows together we run . . .

Harley Henke:


May 4, 2011-Oct 5, 2015

Our sweet, precious boy passed away peacefully in our home on October 5, 2015.  

He was the best dog we could have ever asked for. 

Cooper was the first big decision we made while starting our life together.  He was our constant companion and we had such great adventures with him. He brought a smile to every new face he met.  He was a great dog for our family and our 1 year old son adored him…In fact, one of his very first words was Cooper!  

Our time with him was short, but he brought so much joy, happiness, and laughter to our lives.  Cooper was dealt a pretty tough hand and had health problems, but he handled it so well until the very end.  He truly lived every day to the fullest- he loved car rides, hiking, meeting new people, and basking in the sunshine in our backyard. He also loved greeting us at the door with not just a tail wag, but a full-body wiggle when we would get home.  

Our life is not the same without you here, buddy.  We miss you more than we could ever express.  Thank you for the wonderful, funny memories.  

We love you so so much. 

Justin, Brooke & Hudson (and the rest of our big family who loved you to pieces)

A big thank you to Denice, who came to our home and provided us with such compassionate care in Cooper’s final hours.  Although it was the hardest thing we have done, we find comfort knowing that Cooper left this world so peacefully surrounded by those he loved most in a place he loved most.  


Dear Friends, we lost our beloved Cayenne on Sunday. She was the best dog anyone could ever ask for. She grew up going to work with Jerald every day to the ranch in the mountains. She had an awesome life & brought so much joy to ours. I can't begin to express how much I miss her, all the little noises, playing tug with her toys & those "slurpy kisses". Dear God please renew her ailing body & allow her to run & play in heaven as

 she did here on earth. She likes to fetch sticks & play in creeks, she will guard your pearly gates, and only ask for ear scratches & belly rubs. Thank you for blessing us with Cayenne for almost 15 years and now we entrust her to 




Bentley entered my life in December of 2000, when I believe the spirit of my recently passed dachshund “Sadie” directed me to stop by the Denver Animal Shelter on Jason St. and I adopted him from there.

Bentley was by my side through a divorce, while I obtained my Master’s degree, when he and I married Jason and moved from the big city to Western Colorado. He traveled many miles, smelled many smells, hiked/kayaked/biked with Jason, Chopper & I: Carlsbad, Yellowstone, Big Sur, Lake Powell, Sun Valley, Moab, and Hovenweep …too many places in New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Nevada, California, and Idaho to mention them all. 

Bentley lived a long, happy, loved life. I am blessed to have had his wise, old soul in my life and will cherish the memories we made and the unwavering love he provided. 

Until we meet again hugs to you wherever you are in the big universe we call life. 

We will always love you and you will always have a chunk of our hearts! 


Emily & Jason

Grand Junction, CO 


Thank you so much for your compassionate help with Shelby's passing.  Here she is in better times.  She sure put in some miles in her day.

 Renee and Peg

"Happy trails to you, until we meet again..."


 Sugar was my best friend, my companion, and my first child. Having adopted her when shwas 2, Sugar was by my side for 17 years. From the very first time I met her, her nick name quickly became “teddybear”  as she never liked to play with toys or run rambunctious around the house, but wanted and loved to be held and snuggled. Over the many years, Sugar ended up having  many more nick names from friends and family such as “shoogshoog”, “Shoognite”, “boog”, “noogy”, “pursepal”, and “shoogybear”. Sugar, having always been there on my lap, in the passenger seat, or sleeping above my head on my pillows,  lived a wonderful life with me as we grew into our adulthood together. We experienced many firsts and many lasts and her little sweet face, kisses, and snuggles saved my life on many occasions. I never would have dreamed that Sugar would live to be 19 years old and the decision to let her go was the hardest I’ve ever had to make… but I know in my heart of hearts that God sent her to me and that her life forever changed mine. A good friend said to me a few days before I let Sugar go, “She knows you no longer "need" her, you have moved on to such a great place and she must know that and would say "my job here is complete!" I believe this is true… without Sugar, I don’t think I would have made it!  Fly high Sugar and find a soft place and loving arms to snuggle in until I get there! I miss you and love you so very much!          


 Rest in peace to the best cat I ever had, and my best friend. You came to me with a shoulder to cry on when I was sad, even if your fur stuck to my nose,though I didn't mind. You licked my face when I puckered my lips and kissed me back even if your tongue was too scratchy, even though I didn't mind. You were my smile when you were scratching me with your no claw paws even though it tickled, even though I didn't mind. You were memory of my aunt, one of the women I looked up too, and now I look up to both of you, and I do not mind because I know you both are looking down on me now. I love you sunny, always and forever


Kinikki was a miniature double dapple dashund.  He lived a long life to the age of

16 1/2.   He was stubborn and definately had a mind of his own.  LOL.  but he was

a sweet heart and loved to give hugs.

He very much loved to go camping with us and he always went 4 wheeling with us

and rode on the front of my husbands quad.  He was strapped in but the whole time 

he was on the 4 wheeler, he 

was moving his legs as if he was walking, with his ears

flappingin the wind., he truly loved it.

He loved his naps and snuggeling under blankets, especially around the campfire.

We truly miss our little buddy.  May your little ears forever flap in the wind.

Love you lil Kinikki!!


Laurie Purcell

Past to Present Imaging


Gypsy was sent to us with the death of a beloved sister.  She lived a wonderfully happy

life with lots of 

love.  Her nature was to provide us and any creature she met with unconditional love.  She was loved by all who knew her and given the opportunity to say goodbye.  Her destiny fulfilled, she now rests in the arms of the angels and God's loving hands.  Our hearts are heavy and will be but with time...She suffers no more and we are truly thankful for the gift of her.  Rest well darlin girl... until we meet again.

Thank you Josh and Denice for your wonderfully dignified and compassionate manner.

"Measure value in terms of service to others instead of benefit to self."

Regards, Cindy


November 3, 1998- December 20, 2014
We had to say goodbye to our "son" Timber of 16 years. He was such a good boy and liked everyone. Timber was so sensitive and just always wanted to please us. Timber also loved his "sisters" - our two cats and even had a neighborhood cat that came to befriend him come over to our house everyday to see him. He loved going for walks, camping, hiking and getting treats (especially from the UPS man!) He is so very missed and loved, but we will always have the many memories of him to comfort us. We thank Dr. Norton and Josh who were so compassionate and comforting. I know that Timber was grateful that he could take his journey from his own back yard of so many years. He passed peacefully and quietly. You were the pick of the litter Timber (or rather, you picked us) and you will always be special.  
If you ever find it necessary to have to make the decision to end the suffering of your furry loved one, we highly recommend the services of River Valley Gateway. This is such a needed service in this area and we can tell you that they are a God send.
Tom and Denise