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 When is the right time to call for euthanasia services or to “put my pet to sleep” as it is commonly called?


    This is a difficult decision and often there is no right or wrong answer. One key factor in helping make the decision is to determine when your pet’s quality of life is significantly diminishing with little or no chance of improvement. Changes in their behavior can speak volumes to their quality of life. Illness or aging often compromises a pet’s ability to perform normal everyday functions and the ability to participate in their favorite activities. You know your pet and their habits better than anyone else so you are ultimately the best person to make the final decision. We are here to help you through the decision-making process and can help in objectively evaluating your pet’s health and well-being.

Answering the questions below may help you with the decision:

  • Is your pet eating and drinking normally?
  • Is your pet able to urinate and defecate normally and in the appropriate place or is assistance needed? Are you physically able to continually provide the assistance necessary?
  • Is your pet able to participate in their favorite activities?
  • Is your pet in pain or having difficulty moving?
  • Is your pet coughing or having difficulty breathing?
  • If your pet is having any of the above problems, have they been examined by your regular veterinarian to determine if there are treatable causes?
  • Are treatment protocols or medication dosages no longer helping control the pain?
  • Is your pet no longer getting up to greet you when you arrive back home?
  • Is your pet suffering from an illness or disease in which recovery is not likely?
  • Are there more bad days than good days? A journal may help you determine this.
  • Is your pet’s declining health having a negative effect on you or other family members?

Every case is different and the above questions are provided here only to help guide you in your decisions. If you are still unsure that your pet’s quality of life warrants euthanasia, call to have a consultation appointment with a staff veterinarian. There will be a charge for this service but a professional opinion will be given to you following a physical exam in your home.