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  What can I expect during the euthanasia appointment?

    When River Valley Gateway is called out to perform a euthanasia, we respectfully enter the home and begin dispelling any tension you or your pet may be feeling. For the first few minutes we will listen to you, observe your pet and gather information we feel will be helpful with the process. There are questions we will have you answer regarding how you would like to memorialize your pet. Sometimes these can be very elaborate events and sometimes they can be very simple but still very meaningful events. Any additional questions regarding the procedure will be answered and consent forms will be signed. Payment will be taken before the euthanasia process begins so that everyone present will be able to focus on saying goodbye during this stage of the journey. In acknowledgement of the various ways individuals grieve, you will be given the option of being present for the actual euthanasia injection. At this point, your beloved pet will have already received the first injection containing a muscle relaxant, sedative, and pain reliever and will be in a deep plane of anesthesia and unaware of their surroundings but they will still be breathing and have a heart beat. You may want to step out of the room at this time. However, if you choose to stay for the second and final injection, it is a peaceful and intimate time where your pet will slip deeper and deeper into unconsciousness before their breathing and heartbeats stop. When a heart beat is no longer detectable, your precious pet will have passed away and we will let you know this has occurred. If you remained present for these events, you are welcome to stay with your pet for a comfortable period of time following their passing and at this time, anyone that did not wish to stay for the passing may come back into the room to view their peaceful body and say their final good bye.


If cremation for body aftercare has been chosen, then we will transport your beloved pet to the crematorium when you are ready. Some choose to keep their pet for burial. Others choose to have their pet cremated and either have their ashes returned or not returned and scattered on a field near the crematorium. If you have questions about what might be the best choice for you please feel free to ask so that your concerns are addressed.